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Skin Related Services


Dermabrasion is a surgical procedure in which the dermatologist removes or “sands” the skin with a rotary abrasive instrument. This will improve the skins texture and gives it a smoother appearance. This is often used to treat scarring.

This treatment is performed in our office and topical or injectable anesthetic can be utilized if needed. The use of pain relievers and/or sedatives may be used as well. After the treatment patients will have a dressing applied and may have a few days of downtime depending on the condition/location that is being treated.

Photo Dynamic Therapy (PDT) or BLU-U Blue Light

Photo Dynamic Therapy (PDT) or BLU-U Blue Light is a way to treat actinic keratosis, sun damaged skin, and acne.  PDT is a 2 step treatment course. First patients are brought in and a medication is applied to the skin called Levulan. This medication dries clear and patients can choose to wait in the office, or step out for a bit while the medication is absorbed.

Your provider will inform you how long they would like the solution left on to penetrate the targeted cells (approximately 1-4 hrs). Next, the skin is cleansed and the treated areas are placed under the BLU-U Blue light for approximately 17 minutes. Patients are given a cold air cooler to help with any burning sensation that may be felt while under the light.

After the treatment, we recommend the use of moisturizers and cool compresses.  Avoid exposing the treated areas to sunlight or other forms of bright light for 48 hrs. A second treatment is typically performed in 8 weeks. You may have redness and peeling to the treated areas which typically lasts 5-7 days.

Vbeam Perfecta Laser

The Vbeam Perfecta Laser was designed to eliminate benign vascular lesions. The laser delivers a pulse of light to the skin. The light is specifically absorbed by the blood vessels in the dermis. These vessels are coagulated and then reabsorbed by the body during the natural healing process.

This laser can treat rosacea, facial veins, leg veins, scars, psoriasis, periorbital wrinkles, red birthmarks, angiomas, port wine stains, poikloderma, venous lakes, warts, and stretch marks. Anesthetic is usually not necessary.

Afterwards, the treated areas will have a distinctive purple bruising that will fade each day, but can last 7-10 days. The number of treatments needed may vary.