Histotechnician Position

Dermatology and Surgery  is seeking a highly skilled and qualified Histotechnician to compliment its team of current personnel. Experience as a Mohs Histotech is preferred but not necessary, training is provided.

To be considered for the position, applicants must demonstrate a highly motivated and skilled approach to ALL aspects of the position. These tasks include but are not limited to maintenance of the laboratory equipment and a keen attention to procedures to ensure accuracy and precision of all tissue specimens.

A strict adherence to OSHA and CLIA guidelines and protocols are mandatory. All aspects of frozen section histology will be performed as well as immunohistotechnical protocols. Other requirements and duties related to the Mohs laboratory will be required.

Successful applicants will receive an excellent compensation package including 401K, Medical and Life Insurance. No holidays or weekends will be requested. Please direct all inquiries to dermsurg@fuse.net

Please call (513) 657-2200 for more information.